Associated Service Providers

Strategic alliances have been formed with leading national and international best-practice groups to provide environmental solutions. This allows for a comprehensive global footprint and diverse range of like-minded expertise in environmental management and consulting. Other partnerships will extend client’s understanding of resource quality, intervention and legal compliancy requirements.



UIS Analytical Services

UIS Analytical Services is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory set up to provide you with a one-stop service for all your laboratory analysis needs. We specialise in customised and personal service to ensure the suite of analysis methods selected are optimal and best for your analysis needs.

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X-Lab Earth

South Africa’s leading environmental laboratory with the broadest scope of ISO 17025 accreditation

Our state-of-the-art facility includes cutting edge analytical instrumentation and traditional wet chemistry techniques based on internationally recognised standards.

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Enviro Works

Enviroworks, as a dedicated part of The SHE Group, provides turnkey solutions in Environmental Consulting Services.

We deliver cutting edge Environmental Management Consulting Services in Planning, Construction, Environmental Legal Compliance, Risk Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessments, Project Management, Monitoring, Auditing, Mining Permits, Renewable Energy, Specialist Studies (Visual, Wetland, Geo-hydrology, Geo-technical, Ecological, Heritage), Social Impact Assessments, Water-related services, Conservation, and Rehabilitation.

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SHE Group

Assurance is knowing

The SHE Group, Health, Safety, and Environment Industry group has been the cornerstone of greatness in the health, safety, and environment industry since 2008. un.

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Geosyntec Consultans

Engineers. Scientists. Innovators.

We are 1,200 engineers, geologists, scientists, and other technical specialists committed to the idea that technical leadership and client service are the foundations for producing solutions for our clients that are practical, efficient, and sustainable.

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Apex Engineering

Global Engineering Services

I have nearly 30 years of experience in consulting, industry and academia. My recent work has focused on treating mine water and other industrial wastewaters through chemical, physical and biological methods (active and passive).

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Innovative engineering solutions for waste streams

We specialise in onsite decentralised biological wastewater treatment plants, monitor of systems, maintenance, service and upgrade to improve the effluent quality and with the aim to achieve green drop status.

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Specialized Solar Systems

Bringing the Power of the Sun, to You

From solar-powering indigent and disconnected communities with our remotely managed Smart DC Grid Technology, to providing turnkey renewable energy solutions for the agricultural, residential and commercial sectors throughout Africa, Specialized Solar Systems has the perfect solar energy solution for your every need.

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