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iWater recognizes the need for accurate analyses to support clients to achieve compliancy in their environmental management strategies.

We offer a selection of quality tests for any type of environmental sample.  We do not select standard packages, but expert advice to support the client to decide on the most appropriate tests to create a comprehensive understanding on the site compliancy.

The on-site laboratory is aligned with partners that are SANAS accredited. The company can also provide on-site sampling by trained staff members, as well as an additional service where samples can be collected and transported for analyses.  This can also include on-site analyses.

An expert interpretive report will assist any client to understand the laboratory results, while our knowledge as well as international experts are geared to remedy any situation, we start by providing basic clarifications.

Monitoring is only a tool to support effective resource management and

iWater will provide sustainable solutions for water and soil remediation.  Since each client has a unique blend of contamination each site receives a tailor-made solution, thereby adding specific value with lowered environmental risk using environmentally friendly options while exploring waste beneficiation form these technologies.


From onsite laboratory proof of concept to site demonstration and auditing processes with a final upscale implementation where iWater designs, builds, operates and maintains as value added services.

iWater Services


iWater Services


iWater Services


iWater Services