Christo Van Vuuren

Christo Van Vuuren (B.Tech)

Environmental Scientist

Growing up as a kid in a small town, called Kirkwood, in the Eastern Cape, Christo was fascinated by the water system they had put in place. This system delivered water to all the houses in the town through a water canal. Every second day, everyone received water for their gardens, and, even more surprising, this water was free of charge. Christo always wondered; why don’t we use this water as drinking water?  His mom always replied that it was not properly cleaned.

This was the start of his quest to understand water quality and how it could be improved using various systems and treatment options. Although water tickled his interest, Christo quickly knew that the full spectrum of issues concerning the environment and its health was his passion. He also wanted to ensure that human beings are not negatively impacted by their surroundings.

After attending High School in Bloemfontein, where biology, sports, and the outdoors were his favourite things, Christo headed straight for the Central University of the Freestate, where he studied Environmental Health. Here, he was exposed to water quality, food safety, air quality, meat safety and occupational health and safety.


Water has always been a central part of Christo’s interactions, however, whether he studied its quality or its effect on food safety.  At University, he interacted with supervisors who enlightened him about business development, until he even used biltong sales to supplement his income.  After obtaining his degree, he ventured into different businesses and owned a food franchise before he began working in the field he’d always loved.  In 2017, he started at iWater, where his passion for treating water really came alive.

This gave Christo an opportunity to work with clients, where he could see the difference in domestic water quality for both individual companies and industrial groups, especially when it directly impacted their products or environmental management strategies.

Apart from the monitoring and interpretation of the results from water tests, Christo specialises in integrating physical systems to complement treatment efficiency.  Partnering with strategic alliances is very exciting to him, as he believes that he can gain so much from mentors while empowering himself to develop new skills, while continuously gathering knowledge of the latest trends and options – watch this space while Christo puts on his cape as water superhero!