The Story of iWater

The Story of iWater

During the industrial and technological revolutions, economic growth has been regarded to be fundamental in terms of the world’s growth. Industrial growth has started to affect the earth’s fragile environments, resulting in complex issues that could result in disastrous long-term consequences. Massive amounts of pollution are the result of humanity’s constantly developing needs and desires, which are catered for by economically powerful industries.

These industries are not only exhausting the earth’s resources, they are also causing tremendous stress on the environment and its ecological systems. The productivity of many sectors of industry, however, depends on the natural resources available to those sectors.

The pollution of water, soil, and air, is defined as the by-product of any kind of economic development. Global warming and greenhouse effects are another result of the impact of industrialisation on the environment. The degradation of the entire environment and ecological system is inclined to become permanent, which, inevitably, will negatively affect economic growth and development. Along with these effects, this situation has human loss and illness as a consequence, which forces government and company health costs to skyrocket.

Solving these complex issues requires extensive research and development. iWater’s experts have dedicated more than 20 years to the understanding of how nature evolves to deal with anthropogenic contamination. This has allowed us to create strategy models which can be used to guide the best, most effective solutions for our clients.

iWater Pty Ltd was created for South Africa with the aim of rolling out fundamental research that will be applicable within human environments in order to support growth and development.

The biotechnology sector in the developing world falls into 2 categories that are relative to the use of biotechnology: (1) those that have the potential to adapt imported biotechnologies to local conditions, and (2) those that have little or no applied research capacity to effectively use biotechnology within specific local contexts. iWater’s mission is to ensure that South Africa falls into the first category.

In 2017, iWater’s staff were hand-picked from a group of inquisitive, like-minded individuals.

Their passion for this work drives the development of tailor-made solutions using nature’s own elegant miracles, while intelligently integrating physical and chemical aspects that drive clients to become agents of change, who are able to fully restore used natural resources for future generations. This approach ensures a caring and nurturing long-term engagement, while transferring sustainable skills and knowledge to all.

Our Core Values

I = innovation for solutions

W = we are a team

A = aware of our surroundings

T = tenacity

E = Evolving

R = Respectful

Our Company Profile

The company – iWater (Pty) Ltd 2015/437684/07 is trading effectively. It is set up as Level 4 BEE status, 100% procurement recognition, and SARS Tax clearance in good standing and is registered for VAT