Recent Achievements


NatGeo Logo

2020: National Geographic Grant and film documentary:  SA principle group on searching the subsurface for novel bacteria and an enigmatic worm.

NIPMO logo

2019: Top Intellectual Property Creator, received from the Department of Science and Technology awarded by NIPMO.

Fetola logo

2018/9: Finalist and winner of the GROUNDSWELL Africa, Fetola, and JP Morgan Business Growth of Professionals Programme.


2018/9: Finalist and overall runner-up: GCIP (Global Cleantech) Innovation Programme and Best women-led team: GCIP (Global Cleantech) Innovation Programme.

2018: Winner of the CleanTech Division presentations at the South Africa Innovation Summit in Cape Town.

JIS_Uni Logo

2018: Presenting a lecture series on the application and exploration of novelties in microbial communities – JIS University and India Coal Industry, Kolkata.

Shanghai_Uni Logo

2018: Keynote presentation on South African Deep Mine projects at the inaugural symposium of the new International Centre for Deep Life Investigation at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, followed by the Deep Life community meeting.