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For iWater to provide the best solution for these environmental problems, there is a specific process we follow:

  1. iWater interacts with your regular environmental monitoring consultants and plans. However, we know from experience that these data sets are rarely complete. Therefore, we recognised the need for suggesting and selecting accurate environmental analysis to support clients to achieve compliance in their ecological management strategies.
  2. We offer a selection of quality tests for any type of environmental or waste sample. We do not provide standard packages, but with expert advice, we support our clients in deciding on the most appropriate tests to create a comprehensive understanding of the contamination risk and the site compliance requirements.
  3. Water has an on-site laboratory and development centre, but data is also independently verified by a South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) partner.  The company can also provide on-site sampling by trained personnel who collect and transport the samples in need of analyses. This includes on-site parameter analyses.
  4. An expert interpretive report will assist any client in understanding the laboratory results, while our knowledge, as well as international experts, are geared to remedy any situation. We start by providing basic, but comprehensive clarifications.
  5. Monitoring is only a tool to support effective resource management, and iWater will provide sustainable solutions for water and soil remediation. Since each client has a unique blend of contamination, each site receives a tailor-made solution, thereby adding specific value with lowered risk and costs, using environmentally friendly options.
  6. Each solution set is demonstrated using the iWater laboratory, allowing the client to make decisions using verified sets of data.
  7. After that, a site proof of the concept phase is activated with the mobile modular units. These rental units generate site data on the efficacy of treatment and can be used in auditing processes as well as stakeholder engagements.
  8. The modular units can be expanded with additional clip-on larger owned units that iWater and our partners’ design, build, operate, and maintain to ensure successful treatment and application of technology. iWater also provides direct in situ solutions to the sites.

Please click HERE to download an illustration of the process in the three different phase.


iWater manages a portfolio of established treatments that include:

  • Inorganic or organic contamination (specialising in chromium, uranium, arsenic, etc.),
  • Excess nutrient levels (nitrate and phosphate),
  • Mine drainages (acid and alkaline),
  • Hydrocarbon contamination, and
  • Chlorinated compounds.

A phased, interactive process is followed:

  • Treatment solution development,
  • Implementation of technology,
  • Final roll-out to upscale phases for treatment.

Please click HERE for a more detailed lay-out of the different phases.

iWater services include the following:

Laboratory optimization and demonstration (in-house owned facilities)

Modular water treatment rental units

Monitoring and operational management of site treatment plants or wastewater works.

Expert consulting.

Analyses and testing

Other water specialities