The Need


Economic growth was regarded as fundamental in the world’s growth during the industrial and technological revolutions. Industrial growth started to affect the earth’s fragile environments, resulting in complex issues that could have disastrous long-term consequences. Humanity’s constant demands and desires, catered for by economically powerful industries, resulted in massive amounts of pollution.

These activities are not only exhausting the ’earth’s resources, but they are also causing tremendous stress on the environment and its ecological systems. The productivity of many sectors of industry, however, depends on the natural resources available to those sectors.

The pollution of water, soil, and air are defined as the by-product of any kind of economic development. The degradation of the entire environment and ecological system is inclined to become permanent, which, inevitably, will negatively affect economic growth and development. Along with these effects, this situation led to human loss and illness, which forces government and company health costs to skyrocket.