The Solution


iWater is a leading technology company focused on the management of microbial metabolic dynamics, which represents the new wave associated with the treatment of pollutants.

The group has extensive knowledge, know-how, and skills in this area. Together with their local and international strategic partners, they are well-positioned to deal with the major challenges faced by especially developing countries (including South Africa), in reinstating quality to the reuse of natural resources.

Solving these complex issues requires extensive development, innovation, and the application of technologies. iWater’s experts have dedicated more than 20 years to the understanding of how brilliant nature has evolved to deal with anthropogenic contamination. This has allowed iWater to create strategic and technological models that can be used to guide the best and most effective solutions for their clients.

iWater Pty Ltd was initially created for Southern Africa to roll-out fundamental research, develop new technologies, and open growth opportunities in the biotechnology sector. “We knew that technology would become applicable within our human environments to support growth and development while making a difference to our environmental legacies.”

The biotechnology sector not only drives but is also a valid indicator of world development. If we have the potential to develop new and adapt imported biotechnologies to our local conditions, this can accelerate the roll-out.

iWater’s mission is to ensure that Southern Africa makes effective use of this economic and social driver.

iWater’s personnel are hand-picked from a group of inquisitive, like-minded individuals. Their passion for this work drives the development of tailor-made solutions, using nature’s elegant miracles, while intelligently integrating physical and chemical aspects that drive clients to become agents of change, who can fully restore used natural resources for future generations. This approach ensures a caring and nurturing long-term engagement while transferring sustainable skills and knowledge to all.