Vacancy – Environmental Scientist


DESIGNATION: Environmental Scientist
TOWN/CITY/CENTRE: Bloemfontein

To assist in development, research, technical and administrative matters of iWater.

Report to Line Manger.

The position requires a highly motivated Environmental Remediator to work on the removal of pollution and contaminants from soil and water in our environment. A careful balance of planning and quick action, remediation teams utilize a number of strategies, for this position the individual must be able to:

  • Read current literature and research surrounding issues and techniques in remediation
  • Consult with chemical and process engineers to effectively plan a remediation process
  • Work with in-situ and ex-situ technologies to remediate soil and water
  • Communicate on the phone, e-mails, in meetings, and in presentations with clients and stakeholders
  • Solicit ideas and funding streams from the public and stakeholders

The candidate will be responsible for conducting field work and technical work, use the data gathered to do report writing for a variety of environmental projects for private sector clients. You must be able to oversee and work productively with subcontractors while assuring work scopes and deadlines are met. Travel may be required, including out-of-town short-term overnight stays.
This position utilizes basic scientific principles, theories, practices and existing technologies to develop solutions for technical problems with limited scope. While collecting data you must be able to interpret and record data, conducts analyses, compares findings to relevant studies and regulations to ensure compliance.

Technology roll-out

  • Create and manage the local laboratory quality control
  • Implement a quality control and laboratory proficiency system e.g SABS
  • Design experiments and interact with team on the execution
  • Evaluate all data that comes from the Lab to define shortcomings
  • Scope and report the work to the Remediation Lead Researchers
  • Create an administrative feedback process, this includes but not limited to Basic power point slides for clients
  • Communicate effectively with clients
  • Define the deliverables and questions in the pilot stage, collect and interpret data – support can be accessed for e.g. onsite staff, and maintenance staff.
  • Give input in the operational and control systems to support you to manage the plants.
  • Facilitate and manage the contractors pack and safety process for site roll out – make sure this is proposal scoped is in budget
  • Engage with management on all projects. This should be summarised in a one pager.
  • Retrieve the data and samples from the maintenance staff.
  • Store all data on the server. All document names should reflect at the bottom of each page in order to have reference to where is has been saved on the server.
  • Compile a short report to the client every 4-6 weeks, after signing off by management.
  • Compile a final report to client and submit to management.
  • Activate the client engagements throughout the process, copy the stakeholders. (Meetings, site visits, launching etc.)

Technical responsibilitites:

  • Assist with the management of research projects and site work.
  • Do quality control on research, perform laboratory duties and follow prescribed quality control procedures.
  • Write standard operating procedures for new techniques/equipment
  • Calibrate instrument for lab and field
  • Data gathering and complete reports to management
  • Preparation for site work
  • Site work and management & maintenance direction as required
  • Ensure QC for all instruments to be used in field or laboratory
  • Train on-site staff or operators with bioremediation systems
  • Retrieve data from field and write reports
  • Read all relevant literature, store all downloaded papers and information
  • Prepare layout of experiments
  • Reconstitute or activate the material with the supplied protocols – write and SOP and interact if needed with suppliers on the protocols
  • Look for effective analyses
  • Keep full record of all calculations, data and contact list for each project.

Administrative tasks:

  • Write a development plan to add skills and identify shortcomings to ensure the success of technology roll out.
    For e.g. Waste characterization, leachate tests and circular economic development
  • Compile and prepare safety files and serve as a safety officer.
    For e.g. sample numbering and logging and chain of custody arrangement
  • Support the iWater management on any aspects of development.
  • This includes the process of management or ISO/GLP/SANAS accreditation
  • All decisions with a financial implication should be approved by iWater management.

Please note: The execution of certain work assignments will be expected from you from time to time, even though they are not stipulated in the above-mentioned job description. It should be done if the instruction is regarded as fair.


  • Honours in Biological Sciences degree.
  • Has general knowledge of biology (Microbiology/biochemistry/botany/zoology/genetics etc) preferably coupled to analytical chemical graduate training
  • Any relevant industrial experience will be beneficial
  • The candidate must have a valid driver licence AND ability to use this on national roads while transporting other team members
  • Has interest in any or all of the following: data analysis using basic spreadsheet functions, using databases, risk assessments, and statistics.
  • Can apply knowledge of natural sciences (chemistry, physics, biology, hydrology, and mathematics) to explain observations.
  • Assist with the management of research projects and site work.
  • Do quality control on research, perform laboratory duties and follow prescribed quality control procedures.


  • Appropriate laboratory skills
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to function with ease in a diverse working environment.
  • Computer literacy: In-depth knowledge of applicable programmes such as MSOffice
  • Good writing skills.
  • Ability to organize, manipulate and present data in a clear fashion using basic tools (spreadsheets, graphs, and databases)
  • Possesses the desire to learn and apply new tools, models, and methods.
  • Ability to demonstrate effective and timely communications skills especially when interacting with clients
  • Flexibility to work on a multitude of diverse projects
  • Complex problem-solving: Identify problems and review applicable information to evaluate options and in so doing, to implement solutions
  • Reliability: Maintaining confidentially is very important, as the person has access to sensitive client information
  • Good stress management and flexibility: Ability to function under pressure as the working environment can be stressful
  • Organisational skills


CLOSING DATE: 5 March 2021